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Need better documents, booklets, reports, marketing materials, presentation slides, email signature... the list goes on...

Need designs that match existing materials?

Need a systematic approach for what comes next?

I've made documents for

and I would love to help you .

Imagine this: you’re sending out a report or a presentation, and instead of it being just another document, it tells a story. Your story. That’s what I do. I take the plain, everyday documents you use in your business and give them a makeover, so they don’t just share information, they show off your brand’s personality and values. Whether it’s for government departments or upscale businesses, my job is to make your documents look good and work even better. It’s about taking what you want to say and presenting it in a way that grabs attention and keeps it. From the first chat about what you’re looking for to the final product, I’m all about making sure your brand stands out. My clients have seen the difference a bit of thoughtful design can make, turning every document into an opportunity to connect and impress. Let’s make your documents more than just paperwork.

Let’s Make Better Documents.

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Graphic Design​

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Understanding the challenges businesses face in managing costs while needing top-notch document design, Make Better Documents offers graphic design services at a flat rate. This approach addresses the common pain point of budget unpredictability, providing a clear, upfront cost without hidden charges or unexpected expenses. Our flat-rate service ensures that you receive exceptional design quality, enhancing your documents and reinforcing your brand’s professional image. It’s the perfect solution for businesses aiming to balance cost-control with high standards of presentation. We handle the design complexities, translating your ideas into polished, impactful documents, all within a predictable and manageable budget. This means more time for you to focus on your business growth, with the confidence that your document design needs are being met efficiently and effectively by a trusted partner. If you need something more bespoke please contact me to discuss your project further.

Why you should hire a document designer?

Zone of genius​

Spend more time in your zone of genius. Focus on what you do best and I'll focus on making better documents.

Save money

Overall, hiring a person to get the job done right, the first time will save you money (and headaches).

Level up your business​

You can grow your business and add more value by leveling up with professional graphic design done for you.

Remote work

It doesn't matter where in the world you are, I work completely remotely and have done since 2012.

Days, not months

It will only take days when you work with me. Using a design agency would take months for this level of work.

Retain all copyright​

You retain 100% control over the copyright. I don't ask for royalty payments or percentages. No limitations.


Make Better Documents

Quick and Simple Fixes Anyone Can Do

I put together an easy to follow along course with tips to improve your documents. It is just just about the look of the document but how well they function. And some tips to improve readability. 


I understand how busy you are so I have condensed over two decades of learning this stuff for myself into a course you can go through in an afternoon. There is even a checklist so after you have done the learnings, you can follow along with the steps.


Course is an instant download straight to your computer, no log-ins or websites.

Make Better Documents online course quick and easy fixes anyone can do learn basic graphic design to improve the look and function of your important documents video instant download with checklist
person holding blank paper

Have an important document that needs to look better?

It is easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many things you could do to make a document look better. But where to start? Don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs of Graphic Design? This course will teach you some basic back-end things, how to add in way-finding and some tricks to help improve the readability of your content.

Is this course right for me?

Have you ever sent someone a document that didn’t get the result you were after? Would they have trusted a better looking document more? Would they have read all of it and understood it if it was easier to look through? Could you charge more if it was better?

Being able to create great documents is just as important as being able to speak clearly. This skill will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

Course is broken up into three parts:

Back-end things

Quick changes in the back end can make huge improvements to your document. Get these things right to start with.


Don't make your document difficult to navigate. Follow a couple of simple steps that will make navigation easy.


Some simple tips to make sure your content shines. Learn some tricks that will improve readability. This is the visual stuff.

Use these skills everywhere.

What you’re going to learn here will work for you in all sorts of applications. We’ll be using Word, but you can follow along in Google Docs or Pages.

Group Coaching

Monthly Online Workshops

Do you learn better by seeing and going through a process? The first Tuesday of the month I run an online workshop where I’ll help you go through your documents to find ways to improve them. As a group, you share your document and other business owners will share theirs. The whole workshop goes for only 30 minutes and is very casual. My aim is offer everyone a chance to share their document and be given a fix to implement. Numbers are capped at 15 participants so I can help you with your document worries.


There are 10 things I make sure to do to every document that I follow along with. And these tweaks in combination can lead to serious #documenttransformation. 


Have me as a guest speaker

I would love to talk to your audience about the importance of having good documents. It is not just that it is good for business (people pay more for better quality) but good for your confidence. I’ve seen my clients that teach others increase their rates after they had their workbooks redesigned. 

I could seriously talk about documents and design for hours. I am even a bit controversial in my industry because I truly believe that good design can happen inside PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. I believe it so much, I design templates for my clients in these software packages. I am open to ideas for how I can help you, help your audience.

Below are some suggestions but of course, reach out if you think that together we can help in a way that will have more of an impact.


General conversational chat about the importance of having good documents.

You Tube

Ability to share visuals. Potential to do a before and after #documenttransformation video showing simple steps to improve the look of any document.


Guest blog writer with images as well.


So many options: in-person, live online, pre-recorded online. While I am based in Brisbane, Australia, I travel the world (26 countries and counting!)

Kassandra Marsh graphic designer of documents Founder of Make Better Documents, Fresh Eyes, Booth Delivered, Marketing, Lakazdi. Originally from Brisbane Australia, has travelled the world designing business and marketing documents for clients world wide. Favourite type of document to make is workbooks (professional workbook design)

Hi, I am Kassandra Marsh

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Make Better Documents proudly supports LGBTIQ+ inclusion, equality, and the celebration of Pride for a more united and vibrant world.

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