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Email signature design

In today’s digital landscape, an email signature is more than just a sign-off; it’s a key part of your professional image. At Make Better Documents, we excel in creating customised email signatures that reflect your brand’s ethos or personal style. Our tailor-made signatures are a blend of elegance and practicality, featuring essential contact details, social media links, and your company logo in an aesthetically pleasing layout. 


Each design is crafted to ensure consistency across different email platforms, leaving a lasting impression with every email you send. Enhance your online presence with a bespoke email signature that subtly yet significantly boosts your professional engagements.


Typical turn-around time: 7 business days.

Your Email Signature will be delivered digitally

Word Document

Make Better Documents will design your email signature inside a Word Document. This way all you have to do is copy and paste into your email signature in gmail, outlook etc. Everything that can be clicked on will be set up as a hyperlink – including email address, website, logo, phone number, social icons.


Can be used for any industry and will display on mobile, tablet and desktop.

What to expect

Email signature design Standard Inclusions

  • Custom Size
  • Interactive with hyperlinks
  • Social Icons (If required)
  • Word Document to copy and paste from
  • Web optimised logo
  • Three rounds of revisions

Included in the design


An interactive, clickable email signature is vital, turning every email into an opportunity for engagement, networking, and driving traffic to your digital platforms. Don’t worry, I understand and will resolve all the technical details. 


Social Icons

Including social media icons in your email signature is an effective way to connect and engage with your audience. It facilitates easy access to your social platforms, broadening your reach and strengthening your online presence with every email you send.


Multiple Revisions

Understanding that perfection often requires refinement, our email signature designs at Make Better Documents includes the option of multiple revisions. This iterative process is a testament to our dedication to quality and client-centric service, ensuring the final product is not just good, but exactly what you envisioned.


Following your brand guidelines

The design will be carefully crafted to match your existing branding. By using your brand colours, fonts and imagery, the email signature will be consistent with other marketing materials. 

Why is this good for my business?

In the digital age, an email signature designed by Make Better Documents is an essential tool for enhancing your business communication. A well-crafted signature does more than end an email; it provides a professional touch, reinforcing your brand identity with every message sent. It’s a subtle yet powerful means of promoting your brand, offering quick access to your contact information and linking to your website or social profiles. This constant visibility helps in building brand recognition and credibility, making it an invaluable asset in your day-to-day business interactions. A bespoke email signature, thoughtfully designed, ensures that every email you send contributes to a cohesive and professional brand image, vital for fostering trust and engagement with clients and partners.

How to optimise and add functionality​

At Make Better Documents, we understand that an email signature is a crucial touchpoint in digital communication. Our focus is on optimising functionality to make your email signature a dynamic and interactive tool. We design signatures that include clickable links to your website and social media profiles, turning every email into an opportunity for engagement and networking. We also incorporate quick contact options like clickable phone numbers and email addresses for ease of communication. Ensuring compatibility across various email platforms, our signatures maintain their layout and functionality, providing a seamless experience for your recipients. By enhancing your email signature with these practical elements, we help you maximise the potential of every email you send, making it not just a sign-off, but a gateway to deeper business connections and online presence.

Email signature design considerations

In the realm of professional communication, the design of an email signature is a subtle art that holds significant importance. At Make Better Documents, we approach email signature design with a keen eye for both aesthetics and functionality. The process begins with understanding your brand’s ethos and how it can be effectively conveyed in a compact space. Our design team carefully selects fonts, colours, and layouts that not only align with your brand identity but also ensure readability across various devices and email clients. 


We believe that an email signature should be more than just an afterthought; it’s an extension of your professional persona. Therefore, our designs aim to strike the perfect balance between showcasing your brand and providing essential contact information, all while maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance. Moreover, the functionality of the email signature is paramount. 


We incorporate clickable links to your website and social media profiles, transforming your signature into an interactive marketing tool. In addition, we can embed icons and even small images or logos to enhance visual appeal without overwhelming the signature. Our goal is to create an email signature that not only looks professional but also serves as a conduit for further engagement and brand reinforcement. Each signature we design is tested for compatibility, ensuring that it renders beautifully across all major email platforms, from desktop to mobile. 


Ready to elevate your email game? Contact Make Better Documents, and let us craft an email signature that effectively represents your brand and enhances your daily digital interactions.

Professional Email Signature Design: Make Every Email Count