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Word Template

A Word template design can help streamline your document creation process, ensuring that every team member can easily generate professional, cohesive documents.

Our service offers the development of a five-page template, meticulously designed in Microsoft Word. This comprehensive package includes:

  • A striking cover page to make a memorable first impression.
  • Integrated fonts and color schemes aligned with your brand identity.
  • Clear, well-structured headings for effortless navigation.
  • Tables and graphs to present data in a visually appealing manner.
  • A one-click Table of Contents for enhanced readability and organization.

Invest in our graphic design services to elevate your corporate documentation, reflecting the high standards and professionalism of your company.

Typical turn-around time: 7 business days.

Template created in The software You are using

Microsoft Word

Make Better Documents will design you a basic but versatile Word template for any of your business needs. Everything is already built-in so every page will look uniformed and on-brand. Simple and easy to use in-house for any report or document, including proposals or scope of work. Flexible design elements include: table, graph and pie chart styles so you can arrange and create documents very easily. Therefore you can display data alongside your text. Use for meetings, workshops, financial reports, presentations or pitching, government reporting, and a wide range of other situations.

Can be used in any industry.

What to expect

Word Template Standard Inclusions

  • Bonus PDF file with instructions on how to install
  • Word template file to install or use
  • Sample document containing placeholder text using your template
  • Built-in fonts and colours
  • Heading styles built-in
  • Cover page
  • Page numbers (starting after the cover page)
  • One-click updating Table of Contents
  • 1 × Table and 1 × chart design

Included in the design

Front Matter

Each template comes with an easy to edit cover page built in. Where required, fields will be used to make it easy for certain content to appear throughout the document – for example the document title appearing in the footer automatically. Page numbers start after the cover page and are also built in. By default, your report will include a Table of Content (TOC) built in so it will be one-click to update. Great for time saving.


Headings, subheadings

All the fonts including headings and sub headings are all built in. These match your brand. So you can simply add your content directly into InDesign or Word to remain on brand. In Word, your document can even have locked formatting. As a standard, you will be given three heading levels. If you need any specific styles please let Make Better Documents know and these will built in for you.


Bulletpoints and numbered lists

By default styles are built in to your report template. The bullets go to three levels. These are all custom selected by our designer to match your brand.


Install on unlimited computers

You will be sent an install guide. There is no limit on how many computers you can install the template on. Install on every computer in your office. 

Why is this good for my business?

In today’s business landscape, efficiency and branding are paramount. Word template design by Make Better Documents offers a crucial advantage. A customised Word template does far more than just save time. It ensures every document you produce is a reflection of your brand’s professionalism and attention to detail. Tailored to your specific business needs, our Word templates streamline the document creation process, allowing for consistency in style, layout, and formatting across all company communications. This not only enhances the readability and clarity of your documents but also reinforces your brand identity with every proposal, report, or memo you send out. 


By investing in bespoke Word templates, you elevate the standard of your business’s written communications. Doing so ensures they are not only effective but also leave a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders. With Make Better Documents, transform your everyday documents into tools that not only convey information but also strengthen your brand’s presence in the market.

How to optimise and add functionality

At Make Better Documents, our Word template design is all about optimising functionality to meet your business needs. By creating custom templates, we not only enhance the visual appeal but also add practical features that streamline your document creation process. Our designs incorporate smart formatting tools, such as automated table of contents, dynamic fields, and styles that can be easily modified to suit different types of documents. This means less time spent on formatting and more on content. Additionally, we ensure that templates are designed for compatibility with various versions of Word, providing you with a hassle-free experience. 


By integrating these functional elements, our Word templates become more than just documents; they are efficient, adaptable tools that support your business operations, making document management smoother and more effective

Word Template Design considerations

In the nuanced world of document creation, the design of Word templates by Make Better Documents is a crucial factor in defining the efficiency and professionalism of your business communications. Our approach to Word template design is not just about creating visually appealing documents; it’s about understanding and implementing design elements that elevate your brand and streamline your workflows. 


We begin by closely aligning with your brand’s visual identity, ensuring that every template reflects your company’s ethos through consistent use of colours, fonts, and styling. This commitment to brand consistency not only strengthens your corporate image but also fosters trust and recognition among your audience. Furthermore, we focus on the layout and structure of the templates, ensuring that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitively navigable. This includes creating a hierarchy of information using typography and spacing, making documents easier to read and understand.



Moreover, our templates are designed with versatility and adaptability in mind. Additionally, we recognise that businesses need to cater to diverse documentation requirements, from reports and proposals to memos and scope of work. Therefore, our templates are crafted to be flexible, allowing for easy customisation to suit various content types without compromising on design quality. This flexibility ensures that your team can efficiently create diverse documents while maintaining a uniform brand appearance. We also incorporate user-friendly features such as pre-set styles, which not only save time but also ensure consistency across all documents produced by your team. 


With Make Better Documents, you can transform the way your business handles document creation, making it a streamlined and visually coherent process. Ready to upgrade your document design and boost your business efficiency? Reach out to us and discover how our bespoke Word templates can make a difference.

Professional Word Template for Streamlined Document Creation