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Having your book or eBook professionally designed by a graphic design service is crucial in today’s competitive market. A professional design does more than just make your book look attractive; it ensures that your work stands out on the shelf or online platform, captures the essence of your content, and appeals to your target audience. The layout, typography, and cover design are all key elements that influence a reader’s decision to engage with your book. A graphic design service brings expertise and creativity, transforming your manuscript into a polished, market-ready product that resonates with readers. This professional touch not only enhances the perceived value of your book but also significantly increases its potential for success, making it an investment worth considering for any author looking to make a lasting impact.


Typical turn-around time: 20 business days.

Your book/Ebook will be delivered in three formats

Print PDF | Web PDF | InDesign

InDesign is renowned for its superior layout capabilities, allowing for precise control over design elements, ensuring your book has a polished, professional look. When delivered as a print PDF, the book retains its high-quality visuals and layout integrity, making it perfect for physical distribution. The web PDF version, optimised for digital platforms, provides a seamless online viewing experience, complete with interactive features like clickable links. This dual-format approach ensures your book or ebook is accessible and impactful, regardless of how your audience prefers to engage with it.

Can be used for any industry or niche.

You can buy this package even if you do not want to print the book.

What to expect

book Design Standard Inclusions

  • 2 PDF files. One print-ready, one for screens.
  • Designed to be both print and screen ready in one document!
  • Tables, graphs, images throughout.
  • Price depends on page count
  • 100% custom made (or revamping if needed)
  • Good looking cover page
  • Front-matter (contents page, table of contents, dedication)
  • Chapter and section openers
  • Professional typesetting service 

Included in the design

Print and screen friendly

Working with both formats in mind from the start. Only the highest quality images and graphics will be used. Interactivity will be considered such as including clickable links or QR codes. Know that you can email or print the book/ebook and it won’t be too different for your customer. 


Custom Size

All books and ebooks are custom-made to order. Importantly, send your custom size information before work commences. As a result, Make Better Documents will always ensure all content looks its best. Make Better Documents guarantees fonts are large enough to read according to the page size given at the start. Please note: if you change the size by shrinking, there is no guarantee that the book will still be legible at the new size.


Multiple Revisions

Understanding that perfection often requires refinement, our book design package at Make Better Documents includes the option of multiple revisions. This iterative process is a testament to our dedication to quality and client-centric service, ensuring the final product is not just good, but exactly what you envisioned.


Following your brand guidelines

The design will be carefully crafted to match your existing branding. By using your brand colours, fonts and imagery, the design will be consistent with other marketing materials. 

Why is this good for my business?

At Make Better Documents, we recognise the pivotal role that professional book design and typesetting play in the success of your publication. Expertly designed books not only stand out on the shelf but also offer a reading experience that reflects the quality and professionalism of your brand. Our bespoke design and meticulous typesetting ensure that every page of your book is visually appealing and easily navigable, enhancing the reader’s engagement and comprehension. 


This attention to detail extends from the cover to the very last page, encapsulating your narrative in a layout that speaks volumes of your business’s commitment to excellence. In today’s competitive market, a well-designed book can significantly elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility, making it an indispensable tool for authors, publishers, and businesses aiming to make a lasting impression.

How to optimise and add functionality​

At Make Better Documents, our expertise in book design and typesetting extends beyond aesthetics to optimise functionality and enhance the reader’s experience. Understanding that each book serves a unique purpose, we employ a range of techniques to add practicality and engagement to your publication. Through careful typesetting, we ensure that the text is not only legible but also pleasing to the eye, facilitating a seamless reading journey from start to finish. Strategic use of elements such as pull quotes, footnotes, and indices can significantly improve navigability and enrich the content, making information more accessible. Additionally, we incorporate interactive features in digital editions, such as hyperlinked tables of contents and embedded multimedia, to transform static pages into dynamic reading experiences. 


These functionalities are designed to engage modern readers, offering them a more interactive and immersive exploration of your work. By focusing on both the physical and digital aspects of your book, Make Better Documents ensures that your publication is equipped for today’s diverse reading habits, making it as functional as it is visually compelling.

Book design considerations

In the meticulous world of book design, the team at Make Better Documents understands that every element, from the cover to the typesetting, plays a crucial role in the success of a publication. Our design process begins with a deep appreciation of your book’s essence, ensuring that the visual elements complement and enhance the narrative. Considerations such as font selection, margin size, and line spacing are not merely aesthetic choices but are integral to creating an accessible and enjoyable reading experience. The cover design demands special attention, as it serves as the reader’s first interaction with the book. We strive to create covers that are not only striking but also reflective of the content within, ensuring that they capture the interest of potential readers at first glance.

Furthermore, the layout and typesetting of the interior pages require a delicate balance between form and function. 


Our approach focuses on readability and aesthetic harmony, ensuring that each page is inviting and easy to navigate. The use of headings, chapters, and sections is carefully planned to guide the reader through the book effortlessly. Attention to detail in this phase is paramount, as it can significantly influence the reader’s engagement and overall perception of the book. At Make Better Documents, we are committed to delivering book designs that respect and elevate the author’s work, transforming manuscripts into masterpieces. Ready to bring your book to life with a design that captivates and delights? Get in touch with us, and let’s turn your vision into a beautifully designed reality that stands out on any shelf.

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Custom Book Design