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Transform your advertising strategy with our billboard design service, guaranteed to make heads turn. In a world where first impressions are everything, a well-designed billboard is not just a large advertisement; it’s a bold statement. We specialise in creating captivating billboard designs that demand attention and leave a lasting impression. Our approach blends striking visuals with clear, impactful messaging to ensure your billboard stands out in the bustling outdoor landscape.


From vibrant colors to innovative layouts, every element is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of your brand and engage your target audience. Elevate your brand presence and make a powerful impact with a billboard that’s not just seen but remembered. Contact us to bring your vision to life on a grand scale.


Typical turn-around time: 7 business days.

Your Billboard will be delivered in three formats

Print PDF | InDesign | JPG

Make Better Documents will design you any sized billboard. The billboard will be custom made for you ensuring the highest quality possible. You will get a print PDF ready to send to the billboard manufacturer/printer. A JPG copy to use in social media or emails. Furthermore, you will get the InDesign package so that you can make any edits for the future.



Can be used for any industry.

What to expect

Billboard Standard Inclusions

  • Custom Size
  • Print-ready PDF to send to the manufacturer
  • JPG (72 dpi, RGB) to share on social media/email
  • Editable InDesign package
  • With or without crop marks
  • Up to three stock images
  • Three rounds of revisions

Included in the design

Meeting Specifications

When you pay for a billboard, they will normally send you a specifications sheet. This covers everything you need to know to ensure highest quality possible. What are the specifications for your publication? Remember, to send these before work commences. Make Better Documents will meet all print specifications. This is a guarantee. Don’t worry, I understand and will resolve all the technical details. 


Stock Images

It is best to use your own photos in your advertising. This way the overall look of your is matching your brand – they are your photos. But of course, sometimes it makes the most sense to use generic stock images. Make Better Documents will source any stock images you need. Furthermore, the images used will be of the highest quality possible.


Custom Size

All billboard designs are custom-made to order. Importantly, send your custom size information before work commences. As a result, Make Better Documents will always ensure all content looks its best. Make Better Documents guarantees that the design will be designed to look as crisp as possible, even from a distance. Please note: if you change the size by enlarging, there is no guarantee that the billboard will still be as crisp at the new size.


Following your brand guidelines

The design will be carefully crafted to match your existing branding. By using your brand colours, fonts and imagery, the billboard will be consistent with other marketing materials. 

Why is this good for my business?

In the fast-paced world of advertising, billboard design by Make Better Documents offers a compelling advantage for your business. A billboard’s sheer size and presence make it an unparalleled medium for capturing public attention in a way that other forms of advertising simply can’t match. Our expertly crafted billboard designs ensure that your message isn’t just seen; it resonates with and captivates your audience. 


We combine bold imagery with clear, impactful messaging to maximise visibility and engagement. This kind of exposure is invaluable in building brand awareness and reaching a wide audience quickly and effectively. In an era where digital noise is constant, a well-designed billboard provides a tangible, hard-to-miss statement of your brand’s presence and offerings, making it an essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

How to optimise and add functionality​

At Make Better Documents, our approach to billboard design is centred on optimising both impact and functionality. We understand that a billboard is more than just a large canvas; it’s an opportunity to engage and interact with a wide audience. To maximise this potential, we incorporate elements such as QR codes, which invite viewers to engage further with your brand through their mobile devices. Additionally, we focus on strategic placement and visibility, ensuring that your billboard is located in high-traffic areas for maximum exposure. Our designs also consider lighting and digital elements, which can transform a static billboard into a dynamic display, capturing attention both day and night. By integrating these functional aspects, we ensure that your billboard not only delivers your message but also extends the reach and interaction of your advertising campaign.

Billboard Design Considerations

When it comes to billboard design, the team at Make Better Documents understands that every element counts towards making a powerful statement. The scale and visibility of billboards require a unique approach to design, where simplicity meets creativity. Our design process starts with understanding the core message you wish to convey and the audience you aim to reach. We then translate this understanding into a visually striking yet straightforward design. 


We ensure your message is clear and immediately impactful. This involves choosing the right color schemes that stand out in an outdoor setting, creating graphics that are easily discernible even from a distance, and selecting font sizes and styles that enhance readability. We also focus on the composition of the billboard, ensuring that it draws the viewer’s eye and holds their attention, whether they are walking by or driving past at speed.


Moreover, our designs are not just about aesthetics; they are crafted to withstand the challenges of outdoor advertising. We consider factors such as the effect of natural lighting on visibility. This holistic approach ensures that your billboard remains effective and engaging over time, regardless of external conditions. Our aim is to create billboards that not only capture attention but also leave a memorable impression, reinforcing your brand’s presence in the public sphere.


At Make Better Documents, we are committed to elevating your advertising strategy with billboard designs that are as beautiful as they are captivating. Ready to make a bold statement with your next advertising campaign? Get in touch with us, and let’s create a billboard that truly stands out.

Design an Eye-Catching Billboard That Demands Attention