100% custom webinar design. Save time and headaches by getting a graphic designer to make your webinar for you. On brand, on time, on budget!

Turn-around time: 14 business days.


Webinar inclusions:

  • Your choice of slide size: normal or widescreen
  • PDF containing all slides
  • 100% custom design for your specific purpose
  • Up to 100 slides
  • Cover slide (also exported as JPG to use for social media)
  • Three rounds of revisions in the preliminary design phase
  • Two rounds of revisions in the design rollout phase
  • Up to 50 stock images

webinar design

Do you need a webinar to help grow your business? Save yourself time and frustration by getting your webinar made for you. Get back to doing the fun things in your business and know that your webinar will be made for you, on time and without blowing the budget. The webinar can be used for meetings, workshops, product launches, list-building, opt-in, freebies, reports, presentations, pitching and a wide range of other situations. Whatever you call this type of document: webinar, pitch deck, Powerpoint, slides etc. get it done for you without the hassle and the tears. The overall presentation will be more professional and “finished” looking and a great addition to your offer.

100% custom design

100% custom and purpose built

You know your audience better than anyone. What engages them. There is no ‘one-sized fits all’ solution. You need a bespoke and 100% purpose built webinar. That is why Lakazdi does not use templates. Starting with your brand and goals, Lakazdi will design some options. The first round of design will actually contain only a small subsection of your webinar (maybe 10 slides). Together, we will design the optimal look and feel. After design approval, the remaining slides will be designed to match. Doing it this way ensures no unnecessary time-wasted in rework.

Your webinar will have a consistent look throughout. Remember a bonus of using a graphic designer, and in particular Lakazdi, is having all the slides look they belong in a set with proper use of all typographical symbols.

consistent look

webinar built for purpose






Cover, titles and sub sections

Included in the webinar is cover design. This is normally the first thing a viewer sees and much be engaging. You will also receive this image as a JPG to use in your social media marketing and other promotional purposes. Your webinar will likely follow a particular formula that Lakazdi knows. The flow of your webinar is important and this might require subsections and titles to be used throughout. There is no limit on the amount of section and sub sections. Each webinar is built for purpose.


Fonts, headings

All the fonts including headings and sub headings will match your brand.


Please provide as many images as you can. Lakazdi can source up to 50 Stock images. But remember, stock images can be used by anybody, anywhere. If you do have your own photos, images, graphics etc you should use them. Using images you have had made specifically for you will ensure you have a unique webinar (and brand in general).

Why PDF and can I have it Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides?

Shortest answer possible, maximum compatibility. There are so many programs and operating systems, I want to ensure that your webinar goes off without a hitch. The product sold here is a fully completed, robust PDF. This also means there is no transitions or animation. If you do need animations or the ability to edit the document in the future, please discuss this with Lakazdi so we can determine the best way to move forward.