two-sided document


Any kind of two-sided document that your company needs. Useful for documents like brochures, sales sheets and compatibility statements.

Turn-around time: 7 business days.


Two-sided document  Inclusions:

  • two sided, 2-side, double sided brochure sales sheet information prospectus two pagerCustom Size (Default: A4 or letter)
  • Print-ready PDF
  • Web-ready PDF
  • Editable InDesign package
  • With or without crop marks
  • Up to six stock images
  • Three rounds of revisions

Possible Uses:

Why a two-sided document? There are many reasons why your company chooses to display information over two pages. Mostly it is to give all the right content and information to the reader. This could be for a brochure or flyer, a product information sheet, instruction sheet, sales sheet, price list, compatibility statement.

If you are running a workshop, meeting or conference you might need several different two-sided documents. They could be handouts, brochure explaining your offerings to prospective customers, a list of future/upcoming events, your special promotion.

two-sided document, 2-side, double sided brochure sales sheet information prospectus two pager

two-sided document, 2-side, double sided brochure sales sheet information prospectus two pagerContent drives layout

Lakazdi starts all documents from scratch, no templates here. So it is very important to get all your content together before starting the design process. Sure, Lakazdi can do mock-up type work with generic images and placeholder text to give an idea of design in the first round but it likely won’t meet your needs. Knowing about the requirements upfront means that Lakazdi adds these details in right away. Working a large table or four extra products into a document is not an easy task, so knowing this at the start means they are included and designed around. Starting with all the right content and building a layout around these elements also saves time in the revision process. Quicker turnaround.

Print and digital

Your two-sided document will be both print and digital. All the back-end stuff will be taken care of so that you only need one InDesign file package. You will receive two PDF files. One will be print-ready 300dpi CMYK with crop marks. All the things the printer needs. One will be web ready. This means clickable hyperlinks and emails, embedded text, small file size. All the things your email, CRM and website needs.