Print Advertisement or Poster


For best return on investment, get your print advertisement designed professionally. Print-ready PDF specific to your publication.

Turn-around time: 7 business days.


Print Advertisement or poster Inclusions:

  • Custom Size
  • Print-ready PDF
  • JPG (300 dpi, CMYK)
  • Editable InDesign package
  • With or without crop marks
  • Up to three stock images
  • Three rounds of revisions


Any sort of print advertisement or poster. This might be for a magazine, newspaper or to be included in a conference program or other industry booklet. An example is a quarter page ad in a promotional booklet. An in-column display advertisement in a newspaper or phone book. A full page ad in a magazine or possibly even the back cover. Maybe you are doing a media buy-out.

To consider:

When you pay for an advertisement in a publication, they will normally send you a specifications sheet. This covers everything you need to know to ensure highest quality possible. What are the specifications for your publication? Remember, to send these to Lakazdi before work commences. Lakazdi will meet all print specifications. This is a guarantee. Don’t worry. Lakazdi understands and will resolve all the technical details. By getting the advertisement right the first time, you will save time and frustration. If you are paying for a print advertisement somewhere, get the advertisement to look its very best for best return on investment.

Size matters:

All print advertisements are custom-made to order. Importantly, send your custom size information before work commences. As a result, Lakazdi will always ensure all content looks its best. Lakazdi guarantees fonts are large enough to read according to the page size given at the start. Please note: if you change the size by shrinking, there is no guarantee that the advertisement will still be legible at the new size.

Marketing and content strategy:

Lakazdi can provide assistance in working through your marketing objectives and goals with you. For instance, we can help determine your marketing strategy and what content this requires. Additionally, we can assist you with copywriting and then putting all this into your print advertisement.  However, these services cost extra. Please contact today with your requirements.