Payment Success. Thank you!

To get the ball rolling, can you please book in a time ASAP to discuss your project. If the times just don’t work for you (hey I get it, time zones can be tough some times) please email me and let me know a time that works for you either two hours before or after my office hours. I am flexible but I won’t be taking zoom calls at 2am *wink*. 

What to expect from here:

Discovery Call

30-60 minute call to discuss your needs and for me to get everything I need to get started. Please make sure you have no distractions.


Where the magic happens! I'll come up with some ideas and together we will revise how things will look moving forward.


I'll apply the design to all the different materials. Please be mindful to send triple checked work to stop unnecessary rework.

File Delivery

I'll send you through all the files! You will get all the source Adobe Creative Cloud files so you can edit them in the future.